ALTER recruit PUMA Running Team

Published On: 7th March 2017
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Our latest work for PUMA sees us developing and managing the brand’s running field team programme. The programme will include six field team staff, who will work across the UK and Ireland visiting retailers, to train staff and promote the brand.

The PUMA Running Team will inspire a change in perceptions of the brand in the performance running market. By delivering insight and expertise on PUMA running footwear and apparel to store staff, increasing brand awareness, and improving how PUMA is displayed instore. The team’s work will encourage customers to engage with PUMA as a distinguished and exciting running brand, and ultimately drive sales. As the face of PUMA Running at ground level, it is essential to build strong, positive relationships with store managers and retail staff, so that they not only have the knowledge to sell PUMA products, but they also develop a respect and admiration for the brand.

The team will operate across four key locations – Scotland, Midlands, London, and Ireland. The core focus of the team will be the in-store training sessions; motivating and educating staff on the PUMA running range. The team will also be available to support at events, and will be challenged to host running clubs, along with visiting local clubs within their territory, to further promote the brand and products.

“Engaging staff with our products and their technical benefits plays a pivotal role in building a connection with our consumers and ultimately driving incremental sales. We’re looking forward to strengthening these instore relationships with our new PUMA Running Team and ALTER’s support.” says Jodie Rayner, PUMA Brand Communications Manager.

Richard Moore, CEO and Founder, says “ALTER have helped a number of brands create and build field teams which have in turn, increased sales figures and helped build brand presence within the retail environment. This is a growing area of the business and one we specialize in, so we are excited to be working with PUMA in this capacity and look forward to helping with the brands growth in this category.”

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