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Millennials driving the Experience Economy

2017-11-01T14:07:29+00:00 10th August 2017|Consumer Engagement, Consumers, Events, Experiential, Food and Drink, Instagram, Marketing Strategy, Millennials, Statistics|

As millennial consumers continue to value the experience economy over possessions, the opportunity for brands to establish meaningful connections through experiential marketing activity only looks set to grow. A recent study by event technology platform Eventbrite reveals just how much millennials are turning away from materialism and other traditional measures of success, and instead spending [...]

Keeping up with the Netflix Generation

2017-11-02T09:39:53+00:00 12th July 2017|Amazon, BBC, Broadcasting, Consumer Engagement, Consumers, Netflix, Ofcom, Streaming, Technology, Television, TV, YouTube|

Recent statistics reveal that video-on-demand giants such as Youtube, Netflix and Amazon are changing the way we watch TV. Published last weekend, Ofcom’s annual broadcasting report shows that there is a widening gap in TV consumption between older viewers whose habits have hardly changed and younger generations who seem to be turning their back on [...]

Snap Spectacles – here to stay?

2017-11-02T09:53:00+00:00 13th June 2017|Digital Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Smartphones, Snapchat, Social Media, Technology|

Video-recording sunglasses from the company behind Snapchat have recently launched in the UK. On sale for £129.99, Snap Spectacles have been met with wide acclaim for their concept and ease of use. Wearers are able to record 10-second videos of what they can see by touching a button at the side of the glasses [...]

Build brand advocacy with experiential marketing

2017-11-02T09:35:45+00:00 5th June 2017|Brand Loyalty, Digital Marketing, Events, Experiential, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Virtual Reality, VR, Word Of Mouth|

Experiential marketing is the art and science of connecting consumers with a brand by immersing them in a unique, exciting and memorable experience. When done properly, interactive engagements should positively change brand perception, drive sales, build loyal following and increase brand awareness. More often than not, brand experiences are directed at millennials - digital [...]

Increase brand engagement through influencer marketing

2017-10-19T10:07:38+00:00 28th April 2017|Consumer Engagement, Digital Content, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Word Of Mouth|

After years of struggling, influencer marketing has now found its place as a key strategy embraced across the industry by brands and agencies alike. More than 60% of brands have implemented influencer marketing in their 2016 marketing strategy, with this number predicted to jump to 75% by the end of 2017. While advertising of [...]

Brand loyalty through personalisation

2017-11-02T10:02:56+00:00 6th April 2017|Brand Loyalty, Data, Marketing Strategy, Personalisation|

Personalisation is key to gaining brand loyalty and a priority for brands and is being pursued across every sector. The development of new technologies has led to the emergence of a savvier, more demanding consumer. Personalisation is now an obligatory tool for brands of all industries and sizes, as opposed to something that was [...]

Tech not Trump

2017-11-02T10:08:41+00:00 31st March 2017|Politics, Technology, Virtual Reality, VR|

Thomas Carlyle’s ‘Great Man’ theory supports the thought that great leaders are born and not made – that certain individuals come into the world with characteristics and abilities that enable them to shape the very history of our world. These days, Carlyle’s theory is predominantly rebuked by historians, with most believing that demography, climate [...]

Addicted to ‘Likes’

2017-03-23T16:05:36+00:00 23rd March 2017|Addiction, Facebook, Instagram, Social Media, Technology|

A recent article in The Guardian looks at the thrill of positive feedback in relation to social media. The article notes similarities between recent social media behaviour and the results from past psychological experiments that sought to understand how humans respond to feedback and rewards. In 1971, psychologist Michael Zeiler carried out an experiment [...]

Out with mobile and in with gin

2017-03-20T11:30:23+00:00 17th March 2017|Consumer PR, Design and Creative, Experiential, Food and Drink, Statistics, Technology|

The ONS has revealed its annual shopping basket for 2017, noting growing consumer trends in the realm of conscious eating, cycling and gin. Non-dairy milks made from soya and almond have made it into the basket for the first time, reflecting the rise in popularity of veganism and dairy-free diets. The cycle helmet made its [...]

The Power of Nostalgia

2017-03-20T11:17:26+00:00 13th March 2017|Brexit, Consumer PR, Experiential, Marketing Strategy, Nationalism, Nostalgia Marketing, Political Strategy, Politics, Social Media, Technology|

In recent months, brands from all industries have been maximising nostalgia marketing strategies - driving energy into their marketing campaigns by reinforcing positive cultural memories from previous decades. This type of marketing has been particularly fruitful for brands who have been able to seamlessly merge the old with the new, in a bid to [...]