Retailers fight back with Experiential

2017-11-01T14:21:02+00:00 31st October 2017|Brand Loyalty, Consumer Engagement, Ecommerce, Events, Experiential, Marketing Strategy, Retail|

Statistics have revealed designer discount mall ‘Bicester Village’ as one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Britain – trumping both the Tate Modern and the Natural History Museum with its 6.4 million visitors last year. A far cry from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, Bicester’s bijoux boutiques and unhurried atmosphere conjure [...]

Amazon look to enter wearables market

2017-10-19T10:01:55+00:00 29th September 2017|Amazon, Experiential, Marketing Strategy, Retail, Snapchat, Technology, Virtual Reality, VR, Wearables|

It has been reported that e-commerce giant Amazon is to enter the wearables market with its first device - a pair of ‘smart glasses’ that will connect with Alexa, the e-commerce giant’s hands-free, voice-controlled smart home device. In a bid to challenge Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s glasses will be able to [...]

‘Human touch’ in a digital world

2017-11-01T14:18:49+00:00 6th September 2017|Business, Consumer Engagement, Consumers, Digital Marketing, Experiential, Field Team, Marketing Strategy, Retail, Tradition|

In recent years, human moments of face-to-face contact in business have become lost with increasing dependency on the digital world through technology and digital communication. From sales pitches to helplines, daily business transactions have become cold and machine-driven. Albeit cost-effective for the modern-day business, it is becoming apparent that the dehumanisation of these experiences [...]

Millennials driving the Experience Economy

2017-11-01T14:07:29+00:00 10th August 2017|Consumer Engagement, Consumers, Events, Experiential, Food and Drink, Instagram, Marketing Strategy, Millennials, Statistics|

As millennial consumers continue to value the experience economy over possessions, the opportunity for brands to establish meaningful connections through experiential marketing activity only looks set to grow. A recent study by event technology platform Eventbrite reveals just how much millennials are turning away from materialism and other traditional measures of success, and instead spending [...]

Build brand advocacy with experiential marketing

2017-11-02T09:35:45+00:00 5th June 2017|Brand Loyalty, Digital Marketing, Events, Experiential, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Virtual Reality, VR, Word Of Mouth|

Experiential marketing is the art and science of connecting consumers with a brand by immersing them in a unique, exciting and memorable experience. When done properly, interactive engagements should positively change brand perception, drive sales, build loyal following and increase brand awareness. More often than not, brand experiences are directed at millennials - digital [...]

Out with mobile and in with gin

2017-03-20T11:30:23+00:00 17th March 2017|Consumer PR, Design and Creative, Experiential, Food and Drink, Statistics, Technology|

The ONS has revealed its annual shopping basket for 2017, noting growing consumer trends in the realm of conscious eating, cycling and gin. Non-dairy milks made from soya and almond have made it into the basket for the first time, reflecting the rise in popularity of veganism and dairy-free diets. The cycle helmet made its [...]

The Power of Nostalgia

2017-03-20T11:17:26+00:00 13th March 2017|Brexit, Consumer PR, Experiential, Marketing Strategy, Nationalism, Nostalgia Marketing, Political Strategy, Politics, Social Media, Technology|

In recent months, brands from all industries have been maximising nostalgia marketing strategies - driving energy into their marketing campaigns by reinforcing positive cultural memories from previous decades. This type of marketing has been particularly fruitful for brands who have been able to seamlessly merge the old with the new, in a bid to [...]

ALTER recruit PUMA Running Team

2017-03-07T12:31:35+00:00 7th March 2017|Experiential, Field Teams/ Student Brand Ambassadors, News, Social Media|

Our latest work for PUMA sees us developing and managing the brand's running field team programme. The programme will include six field team staff, who will work across the UK and Ireland visiting retailers, to train staff and promote the brand. The PUMA Running Team will inspire a change in perceptions of the brand in the [...]

Experience at the forefront of the consumer journey

2017-03-07T12:10:32+00:00 3rd March 2017|Experiential, News, Technology|

According to a recent study by Adobe, 76% of marketers agree that the discipline of marketing has changed more in the last two years than in the previous fifty and has, in turn, placed customer experience at the forefront of the consumer journey. Customer experience models that worked just 5 years ago are simply [...]

Augmented Advertising

2017-03-06T13:42:43+00:00 23rd February 2017|Consumer PR, Design and Creative, Experiential, News, Technology|

British start-up Lightvert have created a ground-breaking augmented reality advertising system that uses lasers to project large-scale images from the sides of city scrapers. Using such technology, marketers can now rise above the noise of street-level advertising and engage with audiences on an unprecedented scale with virtual billboards in the sky. Lightvert’s ECHO system [...]