Instagram’s Ever-Changing Algorithm

2018-03-15T12:17:07+00:00 2nd February 2018|Algorithm, Content, Digital Content, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Influencer Marketing, Innovation, Instagram, Smartphones, Social Media|

The Instagram algorithm has once again evolved with key changes to newsfeed, hashtag and discoverability features. So, what does this mean for your Instagram account and, more importantly, how can you continue to use the platform to your brand's advantage? Previously, Instagram posts would show up on users’ newsfeeds in chronological order. However, Instagram is [...]

CES 2018 Round Up

2018-02-21T17:09:07+00:00 12th January 2018|AI, Amazon, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Artificial Intelligence, Consumers, Innovation, Smart Home, Smartphones, Technology, VR, Wearables|

It has been another week of innovation at the CES 2018 exhibition. Electronics companies big and small flocked to fabulous Las Vegas to showcase their latest gadgets and after 51 years, the ‘global stage for innovation’ still managed to pack in some surprises. Boundary pushers Volocopter and Intel announced plans to bring into action [...]