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We were incredibly lucky to be invited by our client, TCL Mobile, to join the team at CCS Insights for an exclusive briefing ahead of their Predictions 2022 & Beyond event.

Artwork created by Tech PR Agency ALTER for Consumer Tech giant TCL Mobile UKALTER have worked as TCL’s integrated marketing and tech PR agency for over a decade in various ways, so staying on top of the latest consumer technology trends is essential.

Ben Wood and the team at CCS are world-leading analysts in consumer electronics and their knowledge and foresight is second to none.

We’re committed to constantly helping our clients build their brand, and the insights we were able to draw from this seminar will give us some real insight to achieve that!

Connected networks, the growth of 5G, and supply chain issues were the headline grabbers.

Marina Koytcheva, VP of Forecasting at CCS said:

“With component supply issues expected to ease in early 2022, and economic recovery to result in greater consumer spending and confidence, mobile phone shipments are expected to normalize (and) shipments of 5G-Enabled Phones will total 1.39 billion in 2025 accounting for 72% of the total mobile phone market.”

CCS predicts that in the UK, 5G enabled phones will represent 55% of the market in 2021, rising to 90% by 2025!

This comes as mobile operators seek to recoup the significant costs of establishing the network and ramping up their PR and Marketing efforts to entice consumers with something new.

CCS also announced the results of its Connected Radar pilot study, looking at consumer electronics devices owned by a sample of over 4,000 households in UK, Germany, Spain and US.

The study showed just how important connected devices and the smart home will be in the future, including robot vacuum cleaners, smart glasses, and portable hot spots.

An image of the TCL Smart Home of the future, which CCS Insights predicts will be a major element of consumer technology in the future

Spain topped the table of connected device ownership with the average number of tech products per household of 11.2.  The UK averaged 9.3 devices, the US averaged 8.8 and Germany a “mere” 7.5 devices per household.

CCS’ Connected Radar also reported that the average lifetime of consumer electronics items is 4-7 years before they are replaced.

And to keep up with CCS’s latest news and insights, check out their social media channels on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Our thanks go to William Paterson and the team at TCL for arranging the exclusive briefing.

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