According to a recent study by Adobe, 76% of marketers agree that the discipline of marketing has changed more in the last two years than in the previous fifty and has, in turn, placed customer experience at the forefront of the consumer journey. Customer experience models that worked just 5 years ago are simply not viable any more.

The first catalyst of this shift are the incremental advances in technology that we have witnessed over the last few years, particularly in mobile. Seven years ago, nobody had a smartphone – something that is now an extension of our very being. Mobile advances have not only allowed brands to connect with their customers in real time but have paved the way for apps such as Uber and Airbnb to re-work entire markets.

The second factor to consider is the audience that the majority of modern-day brands are targeting – millennials. Characterised as impatient, cynical, connected and informed, millennials are tech-savvy, digital natives who demand information ‘right here and right now’. PwC’s Rik Reppe explains that companies have had to start moving at the speed of this hugely influential consumer-base and their ever-increasing expectations.

Taking these two factors into consideration, brands must now give their consumers the option to complete any task in any location or to at least start a customer journey on one device and complete it on another. If they start shopping for a product on their laptop during their lunch break at work, they must be given the option to pick up their tablet at home that evening and complete the purchase.

For the everyday browser, the same applies. Content on one channel should pick up the conversation where the other channel left off – it should feel consistent, relevant and personal to each consumer that sees it.

Digital advances have made sure that we are now trading in an economy that revolves around experience and this shift from product to experience calls for marketers to remember what it feels like to be a customer again. By remembering our own consumer experiences with insight and empathy, and combining this with the advanced technology and analytics that are available to us today, PwC assures it is possible to establish a brand that is as strong, personal and positive as the customer experiences it creates.

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