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Harry Kane Out of home advertising on the London IMAX at Waterloo

TCL Mobile

Mobile UK Launch

TCL is one of the largest global consumer electronics groups with 75,000 employees, 28 R&D labs and ranked 2nd in the worldwide TV market by volume.  But TCL is a little-known brand in the UK, and our job was to launch its mobile division – the very heart of its connected device ecosystem – in June 2020, right in the middle of a global pandemic!

Our launch plans were formulated months before the words coronavirus, furlough, and lockdown were staples for every newsreader.  We had a clear set of objectives: to support a retailer sell-in programme, drive consumer awareness and help achieve an ambitious sales target.  

What was our brand proposition?  Our research showed that more and more people were turning to their smartphones to watch their favourite films and video (15.8m people in the UK subscribe to film streaming channels and regularly watch films on their handsets, even during lockdown).  We knew that TCL was a world-leader in screen technology. We knew that lots of other phone brands were shouting about cameras.  So, we picked film as our promotional platform and our way to Display Greatness. 

We were all set for an amazing brand launch.

Then Covid19 hit, and we needed to adapt our implementation strategy to target people at home.  We used the Display Greatness proposition to demonstrate that TCL provides incredible technology engineered to help consumers love what they watch, even during a lockdown.

We communicated that watching films gives people hope, freedom and a moment of escape through the screen and into a world of imagination.  We partnered with BAFTA to give brand credibility and authenticity.  We used BAFTA Crew, whose film production jobs had been shut-down, to create our Made for Watching brand film.  Our social media and Influencer campaigns were themed around great cinema moments.  We created a brand experience with Luna Cinema Drive-Thru.  

Finally, there is no better way for TCL to Display Greatness than to have George Clooney discuss his BAFTA Life in Pictures in a virtual green room with TCL customers, guests and Influencers.


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