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ZUMBA 24H VIRTUAL PARTY2022-09-26T18:22:34+01:00



Following on from lockdown Zumba hosted its first virtual 24-hour global event, allowing consumers to experience Zumba from the comfort of their homes all over the world.

ALTER’s challenge was raising awareness for the event and bringing the Zumba brand to the forefront of a new consumer, the 24-30yr old market.

We enlisted long-time Zumba ambassador Fleur East to promote the event across her socials and get her fans involved. We also hosted an exclusive press interview with Fleur and Hello Magazine to promote the event and discuss the many mental and physical benefits of Zumba.

We also recruited three prominent UK dance influencers, who have huge followings across TikTok and Instagram to showcase Zumba choreography to their Gen Z and Millennial audiences. TikTok star It’s Just Nife, mental health advocate Victoria Niahmh Spence and body positivity influencer Popcorn and Pyjamas all took part in the campaign and elevated Zumba’s Gen Z and Millennial audience appeal. Their killer moves resulted in over 1,500 click thrus to the live event page and 220,000 video views.

Alongside influencer marketing partnerships, our PR and comms strategy also generated coverage in fitness media titles to further promote Zumba, including hosting an exclusive press interview between Zumba Education Specialist Sandra Harnez and the editor of Coach magazine.


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